We are 21 years old now and all grown up! Please come celebrate (come to our meetings), share your ideas, and help us to do great things with and for our community.

We serve the Tonopah Valley, an unincorporated area of western Maricopa County, located approximately 45 miles west of downtown Phoenix. This area covers approximately 400 Square miles, and is bounded on the north by the Belmont Mountains, the west by Saddle Mountain, the east by the Hassayampa River, and the south by Elliot Road more or less.

The Council does not have the power to tax or govern.

Our Mission

Tonopah Valley Community Council Inc. is to act as an intermediary between the Tonopah community and external bodies such as county, state, and federal government agencies; to research and study issues relevant to the community, relaying information to the community; to encourage economic development while maintaining the rural character of the area.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

  • Research and study issues relevant to the community and present the results to the community at large.
  • Develop civic consciousness in the residents of the community.
  • Encourage participation in constructive projects which will improve quality of life for our residents, and visitors, in the Tonopah area.
  • Promote maintaining the rural character of our area for the continued enjoyment of the residents and visitors in this western section of Maricopa County.